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This is my LD48 Compo submission for Ludum Dare #45. The theme was "Start with nothing", so I built the game from scratch in one C file with no #includes or #defines... i.e., starting with nothing.

Survive an onslaught of enemies by spelling out words for powerups!

Start with the word "nothing" (it does nothing), and collect letters from the word "nothing" dropped by enemies, in order to spell out words! Achieving a full word instantly regains your health and turns your gun into a weapon to DESTROY your foes. Shorter words like "no" and "hot" are quick ways to replenish lost health, and long words like "thigh" are effective weapons against crowds.

WASD to move, click to attack.

A few examples from the words list:
- `it` summons Pennywise the clown
- `go` spawns a traffic light
- `no` makes a 'no' symbol
- `ton` is 1,000 lbs
- `hot` creates flames
- `onto` fires sticky bombs
- `noon` acts as a revolver (6 shots)
- `night` fires moons

Install instructions

Download and run the executable.

If Windows says something about it, click "More info" and then click "Run anyway".

If the audio sounds like it's skipping or stuttering, please let me know!

If your antivirus quarantines the game, try temporarily disabling your antivirus.


Word_Salad.exe 135 kB

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