A downloadable game for Windows

Knight Osculuna has been cursed to carry a magical torch. If the torch ever dies out, he will meet his end. His task is to bring light to dark places, and to defend those who still live in the light from that which dwells in darkness.

UPDATE July 21, 2018: Version 2 is complete! Better graphics, music, sound, and more! Try it out for yourself to see all the new features... as well as a reward for defeating all the enemies ;)

Note: Getting a "Network failure" error when downloading? That may be your antivirus triggering a false positive. Try temporarily disabling Avast or AVG.

(Pro tips: Press Escape to pause, and Alt-Enter to go fullscreen. The arrow keys, Space, and Shift can be used in place of WASD, left-click, and right-click.)


Light After Dark v2.exe 3 MB

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